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Archive: Mar 2019

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

In some parts of Boston, you don’t have to travel far to feel like you’re in Europe. A visit to Beacon Hill is an immersion into a 19th-century English-inspired neighborhood, while Back Bay’s brownstones have a 19th-century French design. And, then there’s an impressive Venetian-inspired palace in the Back Bay Fens area…the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum….

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March 26, 2019

Curiosity and Photography

BostCuriosity. It’s a mysterious, powerful, compelling and motivating force. Curiosity is also like a never-ending treasure hunt for photographers who are always on the hunt for amazing locations or looking for new, challenging ways to capture a scene they’ve visited many times. The invention of the camera happened in 1826. A curious Frenchman fitted a…

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March 2, 2019