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Curiosity and Photography

BostCuriosity. It’s a mysterious, powerful, compelling and motivating force. Curiosity is also like a never-ending treasure hunt for photographers who are always on the hunt for amazing locations or looking for new, challenging ways to capture a scene they’ve visited many times.

The invention of the camera happened in 1826. A curious Frenchman fitted a wooden box with a lens and placed it on the windowsill of his workshop.

Eight hours later, the first recorded image emerged on a polished sheet of pewter: the rooftops of the Frenchman’s village. Imagine this curious inventor’s reaction to the digital devices we have today where images can be sent to anyone, anywhere around the world in seconds?

I discovered photography at an early age. My father gave me a Kodak Instamatic camera when I was about nine years old. The flash was shaped like a plastic cube. I remember burning my fingers more times than I can count when I pulled the hot flash cube off the camera. Today, these 1970s relics have made their way to Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Seeing these old cameras online takes me back to my childhood.

Oh, how curious I was each time a roll of film was developed at the camera shop. As a travel agent in the 1990s, I traveled all over the world not knowing how my pictures turned out until they were printed. In the early 2000s, the introduction of the digital camera shook the photography world. My film camera and I parted ways in 2003.  I moved on to several Canon DSLRs and just purchased the Nikon Z6, my first full-frame mirrorless camera. My other “camera” is my iPhone Xs. It’s pure magic during the day, but not so much at night.

What drives my passion for photography? With a simple click of the shutter button, I can capture life’s fleeting moments for eternity. I’ll never forget the beautiful sunsets I witnessed or the adventures I experienced on memorable trips as a travel agent. Photography preserves all of the special people and times in my life.

Curiosity makes photography fun for me. There’s an ever-present challenge to take my skills and creativity to the next level whenever I pick up my camera or iPhone. And, there’s always something new to learn. Always.

Seek new adventures and be curious about life’s endless photo opportunities. A stunning image may be just a click away!





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