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Granary Burial Ground – Freedom Trail site

Boston’s Freedom Trail connects 16 historic sites marked by a 2.5 mile red brick path.

PhotoWalks provides the best Freedom Trail tour in Boston. We will see most of the historic sites as well as some interesting landmarks on a captivating 90-minute walking tour.

One of the highlights is the Granary Burial Ground. Founded in 1660, the cemetery’s most famous heroes of the American Revolution resting here are: John Hancock, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, the five victims of the Boston Massacre.

Saba Alhadi, founder of PhotoWalks, will provide interesting commentary on the events that ignited the American Revolution in 1775. Discover the impact the notable Revolutionaries had on the war for independence. Photo tips are also offered so you can document your visit in pictures.

Space is limited to a small group for a more personalized experience.

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