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Boston University Bridge + Esplanade Evening Tour

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Boston University Bridge + Esplanade Photo Tour

Join us on a two-hour photo walking tour of the Boston University Bridge area and the scenic pathway along the Charles River Esplanade. Learn how to take amazing pictures of two very different cityscapes.

We’ll explore the BU Bridge area where you’ll discover the best spots to capture Boston’s beautiful skyline and the intricate architectural details of the bridge itself. We’ll then make our way to DUBUB(down under the BU Bridge) and head towards the Charles River Esplanade where endless photo ops await: sailboats drifting along the river, panoramic views of Cambridge’s skyline and so much more.

Along the way, you’ll be given assignments on how to increase your photography composition skills using a camera or smartphone:

  • Finding leading lines in architecture and nature
  • Applying interesting techniques to create asymmetrical compositions
  • Identifying dynamic angles that create visual interest


  • Chevron down Learn how to:
    • Explore the BU Bridge area and the Esplanade’s scenic spots from unique angles
    • Capture amazing pictures in ways you haven’t considered before
    • Become a better observer of the details in our surroundings
    • Discover what makes a PhotoWalks tour an eye-opening experience!
  • Chevron down Tour Highlights
    • BU Bridge
    • DUBUB (Down Under the BU Bridge)
    • Charles River Esplanade
    • Boston skyline
    • Cambridge skyline
  • Chevron down Meeting point
  • Front steps of Marsh Chapel – 735 Commonwealth Avenue

  • Chevron down Train stop
    • BU Central (Green Line)