Fan Pier + Seaport District Night Tour

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Boston Night Photo Tour @ Fan Pier + Seaport District

Explore Boston from a different angle @ night!

Bring your camera, tripod and enthusiasm for learning creative night photography techniques. Join us on a night photography walking tour at Fan Pier and the Seaport District. Compose amazing, panoramic pictures of Fan Pier’s iconic cityscape and capture the energetic night vibe, colorful art sculptures and light trails along Seaport Blvd.

  • Chevron down Learn how to:
    • Explore Fan Pier + Seaport District during the Golden and Blue Hour light
    • Capture vibrant scenes  in ways you haven’t considered before
    • Set long exposure settings using the manual mode
    • Increase your night photography composition skills
    • Discover what makes a PhotoWalks tour an eye-opening experience!
  • Chevron down Meeting point
  • Near the entrance of the Barking Crab restaurant by the wooden lobster buoys on the corner

  • Chevron down Highlights + Iconic Landmarks
    • Stunning panoramic views of Boston Harbor @ night from many angles
    • Iconic and scenic spots @ Fan Pier
    • Colorful sculptures and public art along Seaport Boulevard
  • Chevron down Train stop
    • South Station (Red Line)