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Las Vegas Comes to Boston

Looking for a fun, exciting experience after a Photo Walks tour? Head over to the new Encore Hotel and experience Boston’s Las Vegas! Photo ops at every turn—from the lush grounds with 800 trees surrounded by colorful flowers to the impeccable, elegant interior. Accessible by car, boat, bus, train, bike, Uber or Lyft.


■ 671 guest rooms and suites

■ Spa that’s 26,000 sq. ft.

■ Fitness center with a water view of Boston’s skyline

■ 3,158 slot machines and 231 table games in a beautifully decorated casino

■ World-class dining experiences including a restaurant named Sinatra and a $68 lobster roll

■ Animated food stations @ the colorful and whimsical Buffet restaurant

■ Espressos, lattes, sweets and sandwiches @ Bru cafe

■ Three 10ft. high stunning portrait sculptures of women looking out towards the Boston skyline and the Encore Hotel

■ Popeye sculpture by Jeff Koons