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North End-Boston’s “Skinny House”

Just a short walk from Old North Church in Boston’s North End-Little Italy neighborhood is the “Skinny House”, also known as the “Spite House”.  Built in 1862, and measuring just 10-feet wide, this 1,165 square foot home has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom a private roof deck, lovely gardens and unobstructed views of the city and harbor. There’s no front door, only a side door entrance to the home. In September 2021, this famous landmark sold for $1.25 million. 

So, what’s the origin of its unusual name? Well, two brothers inherited land from their father. While one brother served in the Civil War, the other brother built a home that took over much of the land. When that brother returned home from war, he retaliated by building a narrow house with the property that was left to block the larger home’s views as well as sunlight.

See the “Skinny House” on the PhotoWalks North End-Little Italy tour.


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